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Lilleshall Squash and Racketball Club offers regular Adult and Junior coaching sessions on Saturday afternoons, with Juniors taking to the court at 1:00pm and Adults from 2:00pm.

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Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, allowing players to keep fit all year round. In one hour of squash, a player may expend between 600 to 1000 calories, while receiving an extensive upper and lower body workout. Played in 188 countries across the globe, squash has previously been rated by Forbes as the number one healthiest sport to play.

If you would like to learn this wonderful game, then email Club Coach, Martin Carey or Club Chairman, Paul Evans (+44 (01952) 812655) for further details.

Meet Your Coaches:

Martin Carey:

Martin Carey

I used squash as a replacement for football at the age of 33 when living in Hong Kong in 1995 with a mad group of expats. I started coaching four years ago with a group of three squash coaches, which has now grown to five, and we mainly work with children and a thriving group of ladies. We have started to hold mini-tournaments which we hope will be become a regular feature and this also enables us to meet up socially. Later this year we hope to run inter-club competitions and other social get togethers.


I have been playing squash for a few years and love the game. I try to play as many times a week as possible and I’m always looking for new players to have sessions with, whether it is squash or racketball. Since having knee surgery a few years ago, I wear a brace to support my knee and have also coincidentally discovered how to play the game in a more relaxed and some might say proper way. I have taken up coaching others to try and give back to the game. In my day job, I work for an IT services provider in Telford.

Dave Johns:

I have been playing traditional squash for over 40 years and more recently took up Squash 57 which is a bit easier on my ageing body, especially my knee and hip joints. I decided to take up coaching in 2021 and completed the level one training. Working with children and adults on a Saturday afternoon provides an ideal opportunity to give something back to the sport and hopefully encourage others to join the club and play for many years to come. The sessions we run are a combination of fun, exercise and competitive play. It is a great pleasure to watch individuals as their skills and enjoyment of the game develop.

Stuart Moore and Nic Aintree also make up the five-strong LSRC coaching team.

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