Club Committee

The Lilleshall Squash and Racketball Committee meets approx. six times throughout the calendar year at the local Wheatsheaf Inn, Chetwynd Aston, near Newport, to discuss various areas of club operations including; membership, leagues, competitions, coaching and finance.

The committee also holds an AGM meeting early each year, usually in February, where all members of the club are invited to attend and share their opinions on how the club can be improved.  The Wheatsheaf’s landlord – Tosh – always supplies his ‘famous’ tray of chip butties for meeting attendees.

The current committee consists of:

(President) Bill Turrell

(Chairman) Paul Evans
(Treasurer) Roy Fisher
(Secretary) Rob Hall

(Vice Chairman) Andy Reed

(Member) Andy Purcell
(Member) Austin Rhodes
(Member) Garth Tozer
(Member) Graham Hook
(Member) Joel Reed
(Member) John Haskins
(Member) Keith Hansell
(Member) Tom Stockings

Contact Us

General Enquires

Paul Evans - Club Chairman
+44 (01952) 812655

Membership Enquires

Roy Fisher - Club Treasurer
+44 (01952) 255885

Lilleshall Squash and Racketball Club